LEGO Star Wars - The Lost Jedi

May 2007
Technologies used: Windows Movie Maker

This was my first first full-length animation feature, filmed and edited over a month in early 2007. I created my YouTube channel shortly after to upload it. 

Based in a non-cannon Star Wars universe, 50 years after the The Battle of Endor, Rohacc Warron a young adventurer from the planet Corellia is hunting for a sacred crystal on Kashyykk. Little does he know the Sith have re-emerged and are trying to take over the New Republic once more. They have tracked down the crystal and set up a teleporting device to capture the unfortunate adventurer who happens to find it.

The film includes a post-credits music video with scenes from Star Wars re-enacted with LEGO. It was unfortunately muted on YouTube due to a copyright claim hence the video being served by Dailymotion. 

The Lost Jedi was the first in a set of three films. It's sequels, The Dark Assassin and The Last Stand can also be seen on this website.