April 2016


“momentree” is an iPad application which allows a users photo collection to be organised and navigated using a family tree.
Technologies used: iOS SDK, Swift, Objective-C, Javascript

March 2016

Castletown Video Game

​A video game I created in a Games Design Studio course at University focusing on interactive environments. The game features an open world with a non linear branching narrative told through quests.
Technologies used: Unity, C#, JavaScript, Autodesk Inventor, Blender, Photoshop

February 2016

MacFamilyTree 7 Usability

This paper is to investigate the usability of Synium Software’s MacFamilyTree 7’s family tree tool with respect to the ISO 25010 quality in use factors.
Technologies used: MacFamilyTree 7

January 2016

Smart Lock

​A System Level Integration practical I did as part of a team of 6 over a semester in my final year of University. We created an app controlled door lock.
Technologies used: Flask, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Python

January 2016

Convolutional Neural Network

​A machine learning practical I did in my final year. The project was to train multi-layer neural network classifiers and convolutional network classifiers to classify handwritten digits using the MNIST dataset and Numpy.
Technologies used: IPython Notebook, python,

November 2015

Computer Graphics: Ray Tracer

A simple raytracer that can handle shadows, reflections and refractions in a basic scene containing primitive shapes.
Technologies used: OpenGL, C++

October 2015

Smart Brick Concept

This is a concept of a device which fits into the bricks produced by The LEGO Group and can be included in sets to allow the company to see what models people are creating.
Technologies used: Autodesk Inventor, Adobe Photoshop