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Standard Grade Graphic Communication Folio

August 2009
Technologies used: Autodesk Inventor, Adobe Photoshop

My Standard Grade Higher Graphic Communication Folio.

"MICKEY" was originally supposed to be "MINGLES", but I misjudged the letter count...

This simply represents 2D charts and computer aided work. 

This uses colour to represent a range of drawings and sketches. The lightsaber was a representation of a cylinder 

This represents a 2D graph and my attempt to shoe in as much Star Wars as possible.

This is an example use of a texture, namely wood, on an isometric toy truck. 

A droid sales poster focusing on display.

A 3D model of a house in the 2D form.

Both of these 3D CAD models were required for this portfolio. The swivel bracket is one of the first things I 3D modelled.